On July 22, 2016, Hilary Clinton selected former Virginia governor and current Virginia Senator Tim Kaine as her running mate.

Clinton’s selection of Kaine is initially baffling, as the most recent policies he has advocated for are ostensibly antithetical to the projection of her presidential campaign thus far – namely, in the areas of banking regulations and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

Senator Kaine recently praised the TPP, yet Clinton finally publicly opposed the deal in October of 2015. As stated by Jiad Zilani on the Intercept, her selection of Kaine most likely signifies whatseveral political figures had already concluded; “Clinton is signaling that her newly declared opposition to the agreement is not sincere;” and she is expected to support and implement the deal if elected into office.

Clinton, however, is not unique in selecting a running mate whose ideology does not match their projected presidential campaign agenda.

Trump’s selection of Governor Mike Pense of Indiana dawned another case of initial baffling as Trump has been vehemently against trade deals on his campaign trail whilst Pense “urge[s] the swift adoption of the Trans-Pacific Partnership.”

Trump has bragged of being a “free trader” and wanting to brings jobs back to the U.S., yet he personally participates in such multinational ordeals. He tirelessly insults and bashes the Mexicans and Chinese yet his own personal clothing line is manufactured in those locations. Considering this, it is evident that the manufacturing companies do not care for his volatile rhetoric as they know it is only for political reasons.

Similarly, Clinton has come out against “dark, unaccountable money” in politics as well as too-big-to-fail banks; however, Wall Street Executives and CEO’s are not worried, some actually applaud her rhetoric.

Former CEO Robert Wolf stated that he “do[es] not view [Clinton’s remarks] as populist nor far left.” While Tom Steyer, a hedge-fund manager and donor was not surprised at all by a Democratic nominee projecting claims of tackling Wall Street – they expect it, as it all apart of the political game.

Moreover, Senator Tim Kaine signed off on two letters in support of banking deregulation.Essentially ensuring his loyalty to their needs, solidifying funding for his future campaigns and assuring that Clinton will partake in their Establishment game. How does this align with Clinton’s current rhetoric to put a stop to the egregious acts of Wall Street and split up the too-big-to-fail banks? It simply does not. It’s mere magniloquence used to win the political game – our presidential candidates know it, the Wall Street banksters know it, and now we all know it.