Since the Middle Passage, Africans Americans have been meandering amidst a tempest of second class citizenship, stuck in a never-ending, perpetuating whirlpool of victimhood – while being deemed the sole proprietor of their own misfortune. Though the tempests experienced have come in varying forms, the purpose has remained true: Oppress to stay in power.

The success of the varying systems of oppression imposed upon African Americans – albeit slavery, Jim Crow or mass incarceration – is mainly through the concealing of frank reality, empirical evidence, historical happenings and historical continuities.

The concealing of oppression has occurred multiple times and have had multiple forms; however, the barbarity of slavery and Jim Crow inevitably saw its conclusion when the true revelation of the negroes plight was made abundantly evident through the persistent action of abolitionists, journalists, and novelists; media outlets.

In contemporary society, the obscuring of oppression is most prevalent in the area of not acknowledging historical continuities – the lasting impact of historical happenings. Whether it is through projecting racial equality, turning a blind eye to discrimination or states neglecting particular heinous aspects of American history, oppression is still a prominent, effective, dominant practice and the first step to defeating at least one of The Three Evils of Society is by educating the general public of the travesties of their country’s past (and present) as well as pressuring Lawmakers as their platforms still allow for such egregious acts to occur, and for not disclosing indispensable knowledge.

In the upcoming weeks I’ll be reporting grievous historical happenings which has been left from our schools curriculum and from the broadcasts of several media networks. Please like and share to increase awareness!