Secretary Clinton and President Obama are of the same mold. On several occasions throughout her campaign, Clinton has profusely stated how her presidency would be similar, if not exactly the same as Obama’s.

What are we as voters and citizens supposed to take away from this? With another Clinton presidency, are we to expect Hilary to share the same shortcomings as her predecessor?

That is at least what we come to expect from the Republican-lite New Democratic Party and the consistencies of their corporate-centered platforms and their inconsistencies when focusing on the issues that matter.

Moreover, one similarity which stands out between President Obama and a plausible Clinton presidency is that both held/hold the capability of being the first president of a minority class – in Clinton’s case, women. Despite Obama being the first African American president, Obama did more definitive harm than good to the black community. If they are as similar as Clinton claims, what will keep a Clinton presidency from forgetting about women?

Their strategy in winning their respective minority vote paralleled in many ways. From appeasing catch-phrases and slogans which appealed to that particular class to blatant pandering and promises to implement substantial good and even “change.” However, the change in which the black community has experienced in the past eight years has not exactly been the change they were expecting. If given a second chance vote, I am sure they would gladly cast their votes elsewhere – a sentiment which might be shared by Clinton supporters 4 years from now.

From this, one can conclude that there is no significance in there being a first female presidential candidate or even president. We rode this horse eight years ago with Obama. It was presumed that the selection of Obama was to be extremely significant to the black community and that equality of opportunity was finally going to be achieved; however, the opposite transpired.

Under Obama, the incarceration of blacks increased, funding to public schools (which majority of African American students attend) decreased, funding to Historically Black Colleges was sliced tremendously (which caused several of these colleges to shut down), more jobs to which a decent percentage of the black community possessed were shipped overseas, the number of people in poverty increased by millions, and several other catastrophic happenings which devastated the black community occurred under our first black president.

The reason for these occurrences is due to people who hold racist/prejudice/bigoted sentiments being able to hide behind the umbrella of the first black president whenever prompted about their demeaning legislation ideas and laws and ideologies and actions and sayings. In essence, Obama acts as shield to racists – who cannot be deemed racist because that evidently does not exist anymore in America since we have a black president, right?

My prediction is that the same thing may happen to women in regards to issues which still afflict them. As did with Obama and the black community, the election of Clinton will only perpetuate the trials and tribulations which still systemically and systematically affect women.