I am the true, full embodiment of a wallflower. I am one to sit back and learn from others shortcomings, instead of embarking upon a series of my own. I am one to analyze the plausible causes and even the implausible solutions to situations I find myself witness to. I have always been one to sit and overthink, rather than act or speak on impulse. I am one to back away and compromise to de-escalation rather one to entice. I am a wallflower.

Unique, is the wallflower I have found myself to become. Unique in the sense that I am persistently aware of my surroundings, which arouses me to refract away from my typical timidity and vocalize my position. It is in this moment, this moment of unfamiliarity and assertion that I realize the outstanding nature of my Unique perspective.

Being independent in nature, I was initially hesitant to take the leading role of both my schools publication alongside the newly founded English Honor Society at the beginning of this school year. However, this vigorous passion deep within my being would not, could not & have not fallen into submission of the iniquitous evil known as “No.”

Upon taking this role over my school’s newspaper, I was presented with the situation of not only having insouciant, heedless students but also that of having an unenthusiastic, oblivious teacher with no agenda or vision for the students to fulfill or aspire to. As it is now, my initiative has revolved around being that pragmatic median between the students and the overseer. Finding comfort in discomfort & playing the role of a situational analyst, I sought out a way to solutionize these deficiencies. In an inarguably unconventional manner, I managed (or currently managing) to get everyone, including the instructor, to participate by detracting my presence, believe it or not. In doing this, I was able to back away from the situation and observe the actions and efforts exhibited and placed forth by everyone involved; also observing how this ostensibly apathetic, dispassionate musculature – this being who mercilessly epitomizes my wallflower nature – could be of any significant use or of necessity to, not only the cause at hand, but also the structure of the lives of my peers. Thus, in my current day situation – even as I am typing this, I bear the hardship of many sacrifices, as well as guilt. However, it is through all of these things that a prosperous, coherent future and vision has been morphed visible from transparency – rather nonexistence.

Moreover, I thrive and take pleasure in these situations – working outside of my comfort zone, and finding a way to adapt to, being unorthodoxically challenged and having unforgiving trials thrown my way. It is in my consistent, unrelenting battling and overcoming of these obstacles, in an infamously unconventional manner that truly defines my character – my wallflower nature.