That essentially concludes the incident, but from here I would like to dive more into the nuance of the matter. As stated earlier, respect is something that is basically determined by the higher ups view of those below them on a hierarchal basis. And according to this logic, many conclusions can be drawn. Ironically enough, it is from my acknowledgement of these conclusions that I formed my initial thesis to begin with.
One simple conclusion that I withdrew from was that of racism. Yes, racism. It is much more prevalent than most people will admit to give credit for. The correlation between respect and racism takes the form of disrespect since racism is a definitive byproduct from demeaning others essential human rights and viewing their priorities and beliefs as lesser than one’s own.

In modern times, the output of racism has taken a far more subtle approach. However it is still evident. Both systematically and transparently, favoritism, nepotism, and blatant prejudices still overhaul common preferences and ideals in American society. This institutional racism, known as white privilege, is a divisive form of inequality that essentially helps disenfranchise multiple races. The term “race” not even being coined until the early sixteenth century, one could argue that racism is an eccentric American concept.
Prior to the founding of the Americas, slavery had been of a prominence throughout history. America, however, had indulged in an international first by subjugating individuals according to physical characteristics. Before this, the establishment of slavery had been due to persons being captured from defeat by war, differences in religion, social class, hierarchy status and even by their respective language.
One could also argue that before the Americas had been established the idea of slavery had little to do with the mindset of inherent superiority over others, rather a commodity earned. However, through the white man becoming an ostensibly untouchable, unquestionably ideal figure in the establishment of the United States, another race of individuals had to inevitably become the contrary. Through a founding principle of America being that of freedom, there inevitably had to be a revocation of basic rights to a particular group or type of people. Through a persistent undermining of a particular race and the grandiose aggrandizement of another, in the continuity whereas these inequalities had seemingly or publically been rid of, there will still be underlying inequality. And this is due to the fact that for so long, particular races have been seen as inherently inferior and incapable. And the only way to break free from this stubbornly conservative mindset is to adopt a general basis of tolerance. And through tolerance comes knowledge, and through knowledge comes societal and even individual progression. And most importantly, change.