Over the years is it becoming more and more evident that the American society is going down the very slope that it had previously been ascending since its founding. The reoccurrence of what were once before settled disputes does nothing but encourages this claim. Disputes about issues that were thought to be of history’s past, which had been resolved, and which were never to be mentioned thereafter have suddenly crept their way into the limelight once again. Issues such as police brutality, whether or not global warming is an actual issue, the Constitutional and moral validity of torture, the currently more prevalent matter of vaccinations are among the issues that are under debate, being discussed and dissected by our government’s biggest names.

With the increase in discourse regarding the vaccination of measles in particular, the old cliché that nothing under the sun is new has never held such strong and apparent relevancy. Temporarily resolved, the measles first remedy was introduced back in the early ‘60s and the disease had been on a track of complete dissipation, which was finally achieved in the year 2000. However, just over the past few months alone there have been over 100 reported cases of the measles in children across 14 different states.

With this in mind, some are coming forward and addressing this issue of parents having their children vaccinated as a matter of “public health,” while others are debating that this is a matter of “freedom.” When asked about his stance on the vaccination debate in, Kentucky’s Rand Paul (R), a potential 2016 candidate and certified physician said “I’m not anti-vaccine at all but…most of them ought to be voluntary.” He went on to say that the concept for children to receive vaccinations should be left entirely up to “personal choice.” Paul, alongside many others who are on this side of the debate, has often correlated children vaccinations with mental disabilities, autism in particular, in order to further their claim. This false logic is based upon a 1998 study that both the medical and scientific community has widely discredited.

Even disregarding that logical fallacy, the arguments for voluntary vaccinations are impudent to say the least. To say that this is a matter of exercising one’s freedom of choice is completely irrational in the sense that applying this freedom not only puts the child, who is voiceless in this appeal, but also other children and their parents in harms-way. Failing to acknowledge this highly contrasts with the base principle of being allowed to have your freedom as long as it doesn’t intrude upon or compromise another individual’s well being. One final point: Paul ended on saying that the “state doesn’t own your children,” which again missing the point of laws in general. Laws are essentially set in place in order to ensure fluidity in the aspect of freedom from person to person while chastising those who inconvenience this fluent structure.

All in all, the reoccurrence of such topics is going to continue to impact our society in a very significant manner; societies’ priorities are in question. Instead of focusing on a seemingly never ending list of topics that would benefit the common man, our governmental leaders are continually resorting to previously resolved issues while ignoring the matters that the general public care about and need to have addressed. This is no small pie; seemingly miniscule things like this have been assisting us in our descent for the past 15 years. Unless we demand a little thing called change we will continue to regress.