Everyone’s Familiar With the saying “to each their own.” But these clichés remain cliches for a reason, the reason being that they Hold little to no truth or relavance in one’s day to day lifestyle . Bc in reality , each of ones own decisions has a domino effect , in a sense , to others life in general, no matter how you look at it. According to this logic, it is the only viable solution that one is reprimanded if their disclosed actions impinges on anothers well being.

It’s common knowledge that everyones’ actions has an affect on others, thus there being an ecosystem . Rules & Regulations are implemented In order to chastise those who negatively impact said ecosystem & even those with knowledge of others disregarding such prohibitions . For instance , one could be imprisoned For assistance with crime if it is evident that knowledge was had of the initial breaking of the law whilst no action was taken to alert authoties of the violation. On Whether it is a good idea to alert authorities in the scenario where there was  the slight offset that the offender wouldn’t be persecuted is all but a difficult decision . Would it all be worth the risk?

Over time , it has proven relevant and necessary for those of authority to place prohibitions and restrictions over its subjects. And this is for a specific & detrimental reason , & the blatant failure to abide by these standards should be informed to those in position of jurisdiction. This is not only a petty philosophy, but the law of the Earth, no matter how far east or west one may travel, this is simply how things are sought to be run, and that won’t change now, or forevermore.