The year of 2015 will be the year where many veracities which were once deeply embedded and seemingly transparent in the American culture will be put on the forefront of importance and acknowledgement of the American people as a whole. This is in particular  reference to the gradual and then the ostensibly sudden escalation of the publicity of police brutality. The series of exports surrounding this topic will have an astounding effect on not only the American society, but also the international society. And this is the matter of fact simply because the transparent ideals deeply implanted in our culture are merely microcosms of the general perception of said international society.
A common misconception and premature judgment when mentioning the Michael Brown case is that it was entirely racial. Yes, race undoubtedly played a role in the actions that followed, but the hastily aggressive actions and premature decision making that commenced also played a significant part. These points are often undermined and looked past, and the source of this happening is assumed to be entirely racial which creates an awkward yet revealing divide between the people for and against the hearing. Because when it is addressed simply on a racial scale, there is a possibility that those who were for the hearing could be perceived as racists, and similarly, the ones against can be seen as race-baiters. Despite the race mongering of the matter, it’s not the entire story. And according to this logic, the only viable option is to view this as it is, a mishap due to subculture of police brutality in America.
On one final note, the long term effect of this incident alongside several others that have recently occurred, is the general public becoming profoundly aware of the abuse by the governmental authority, in this case by the police, and in this proclaimed democracy we live under, will demand better by them. And America being the societal world power that it is & has been for decades, will set out the red carpet for other countries to follow our lead, & demand better from their respective government.