Often times, the majority effect of a specific instance is often overlooked due to a few extraordinary-esque scenarios. In relevance to adversity , the mainstreaming of the seldom times whereas dynamic individuals actually overcame their respective trials & tribulations have further smeared the severity as well as the plain reality of adversity in general. Which in consequence, has encouraged an impudent and naive sense of invincibility due to the misrepresentation of the actual extent of hardship and adversity alongside all of the practical outcomes that accompanies it.

In this day and age, one is frequently pressured or influenced to admire and adore the achievements of particular astounding individuals. Which is entirely reasonable for idolism may lead to ones drive for success. However, this propagandist mindset that stresses the “This could be you…,” factor is often driven too heavily belittling the reality of said admirers personal situation. Of course this belittling is of no existence in the eyes of the admirer for their too busy overindulging in semi-pointless publicities of such rare occurrences. This ample amount of hype that surrounds the successes of extraordinaires can and will delude one into a privileged mindset that may then lead to a more narcissistic and entitled frame of mind. Modern America in a nutshell. An example of this comes in the form of technology and the simple fact that everyone, even from their most impressionable stage has access to a device of entertainment/amusement. This access has not only misconfigured the concepts”techno-savvy” individuals deem of most importance but it has also crippled their ability to recuperate when life’s essentials actually makes itself prevalent in ones life; adversity.

The reliance on these “privileges” are all of a sudden null and void when actual hardship makes itself known. All of the hype and the publicity and the candy coated good news fall to irrelevance in the presence of life’s challenges. And its important to set your priorities appropriately and at least attempt to acknowledge the possible outcomes that arise from particular responses to certain adversities in order to avoid embarking upon this common, naive trap of self entitlement and inviolability.

Although this invisible misrepresentation can provide an extensive amount of motivation to a few individuals, it only truly motivates a few incomparable individuals. Because when generally speaking, ¬†adversity is more prone to elicit vulnerability and not invincibility. So let’s stop putting a super man cape on insignificant individuals, but rather publicize the reality of situations, and through this acknowledgement, we’ll adjust accordingly.