When it comes to topics such as education, politics, or professions in general it’s important and sheerly logical to evaluate these from an honest, unbiased perspective while considering all of the facts and aspects associated with said topic. In relevance to education in particular, it’d be absurd to deny its significant presence, especially in American society where it has played a prominent role since its founding. However, education establishing itself as a mere norm in our current culture has undermined the true impact and importance of it. Not only is this evident in academics, but socially and economically as well.
Over the years, I have become aware of the blatant depreciation of education by the general public. Not saying that everyone fails to acknowledge the sacrifices and efforts put into our educational system, but rather the dynamic endeavors voyaged and achieved by several exemplary individuals over a span of hundreds of years has blinded or in a way smeared the privilege of education by granting the current generation a false sense of inviolability when it comes to us pondering our education over as a right. And when it’s proclaimed as a right, it becomes a norm, and when any privilege is mistaken for a norm/right, it is often abused.
Again, not saying that anyone is a “bad person” for commencing to these actions and or thoughts for that topic is not at all black and white. Nevertheless, my acknowledgement of the true extent of the evolution of education has not only extremely broadened my mindset but has also granted me with a will to spread this knowledge to those unknowing, together taking advantage of the privilege of education.